Liver Pate With Veggie Puree

Per request of my little one “mom I want to eat everything with a spoon today” I had to come up with some “liquid” breakfast idea. As I planned to have liver pate this morning it wasn’t that hard to make it more liquidish, and I just needed to puree the veggies.

I few words on why it is so important to eat liver. Liver is packed with bioavailable nutrients like A, all B, and D vitamins, easily absorbed by our body’s heme-bound iron, folate, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals. It is very important, however, to choose your source wisely. A liver from a healthy livestock is not the same liver from a livestock fed an unnatural diet. I strongly encourage you to seek liver from a 100% grassfed pastured animals as the animals that eat grain, corn and soy will actually accumulate toxins from food in the liver like a sponge because liver happen to be our number one detoxifying organ. Choose real food :)


Back to the meal preparation. I boiled a pound of a grassfed lamb liver for a couple of minutes removing any foam from top, then added onion, rainbow carrots, celeriac, and some herbs – I had parsley and dill. Then boiled it for 20 more min or until the veggies became tender. Traditionally liver pate is made with fried veggies but to avoid oil heating on a pan, to save the time and for the ease of preparation I prefer to do it with everything just boiled (or steamed). 20160319_090509_wmI removed the water but not all of it since I needed to make it more liquidish and blended it all with a hand mixer adding celtic salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh clove of garlic, and a few drops of olive oil infused with herbal essential oil blend (to make sure I have some nourishing nutrients, feel free to just add fresh herbs at the end, but this will make pate a very short lived, so no leftovers for the next day).


For the veggie puree I used some leftover of potato with asparagus and freshly steamed cauliflower (potato is not necessary for a delicious puree if you are avoiding nightshades and starches) – I simply blended it all with a hand mixer adding boiled water if needed for required consistency, celtic salt, and of course olive oil and the fresh herbs or a few drops of olive oil infused with herbal essential oil blend. I was intended to make this breakfast dairy free but fell free to use butter instead of olive oil in any of the above to make it all even more nourishing :). Try to find grass fed butter, preferably raw and cultured to add even more bioavailable nutrients and probiotics. If you need info on where to get those quality products please check this food list; if you leave elsewhere in the world please find your local WAPF chapter to seek for info.

20160319_090458_wmAt the end I added sliced cucumber for something to bite on or to simply use instead of a chip to dip in to the dishes… Overall it was a very simple, quick, nutritious and delicious meal!

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