Guiltfree Fruit-Nut Coco-Cream Manna…

The spring is here and as the sun warmed up the air nothing heavy did I want for my lunch today. Just some not super sweet fruits, but it had to be filling so I needed to add a good source of protein and fat to balance my meal. I cut some banana and strawberries, and a handful of raw organic celtic salt-sprouted almonds.


As I am staying off dairy for a few days to give my body a break I needed some good alternative to my favorite cream of all – sour cream. I took a couple of spoons of raw organic coconut butter and filled with a cup of filtered water, added a few drops of organic non-alcohol Madagascar vanilla extract and a scoop of collagelatin from grassfed cows, which filled my cream with some good protein and made it thick as a cream cream.


Then I just poured the cream over…


Topped it of with a bit of blueberry to brighten up the color and to add some more vitamins and antioxidants. A raw organic coconut based chocolate macaroon finished it up very nicely :)


Of course one may prefer to just blend it all to a smoothie but I personally love feeling pieces of food in my mouth and chew it up crunching :) Enjoy this healthy hearty very filling and well balanced meal!

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