Flourless Dairy Free Sweet Potato Pancakes

This is a sister recipe for banana based pancakes. Sweet potato is loaded with nourishing nutrients, prebiotic fiber, it is naturally sweet with easily digestible carbohydrates and has a beautiful color. I promise, your kids will love them!

Simple ingredients:20160502_083936_wm

3-4 organic pastured eggs

1 baked sweet potato

¼ tsp table soda*

¼ tsp Himalayan salt*

1/3 tsp coriander* (it is perfect for sweeter veggies and fruits and is great digestive aid)

1 TBS apple cider vinegar (ACV)*


* optional ingredients, different spice can be used or nothing – it will still work great; soda and vinegar are added to make pancakes a bit fluffier, plus ACV is a wonderful alkalizing body tonic on top of its nutrition value; Himalayan salt does add the taste and it is a great mineral source and adrenal tonic)

20160502_085435-1_wmBlend all ingredients except vinegar while warming up cast iron skillet on a low heat with ghee or your choice of oil. Ghee has a very high smoke point and to me is the best option for baking/frying sweeter dishes. 20160502_092504_wm

Pancakes are best cooked on a very low heat.

They can be served with honey and fresh berries. And if dairy is tolerated sour cream is a wonderful addition to the meal (choose raw grass-fed sour cream for ease in digestion, probiotics and great nutritional value).



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