Coconut Raisin Cake

This recipe is for coconut lovers – simple, light, delicious and nutritious grainfree cake!  Coconut flour is a wonderful alternative to traditional wheat-based baking especially for those who fight autoimmune conditions with lifestyle and diet. Autoimmune protocols (AIP) often require a removal of all grain and tree nuts, leaving little behind for joyful and flavorful cooking; Thanks for the coconut flour – as it comes to a rescue!!! Technically coconut is a nut but it is much easier on an inflamed gut and is mostly accepted on restricted protocols.*

Obviously you don’t have to have a condition to enjoy this super light but very energizing and full flavored cake, which will not make you sleepy after a bite!

A few words on what’s wrong with conventional wheat and what can we do about it – please read here.

The recipe for this delicious cake is very simple and quick!

20160326_203952_wm-11 cup of organic coconut flour

3 pastured eggs (sorry the picture is misleading; I was adjusting the recipe on the fly and found that 3 eggs per 1 cup of flour make the best batter)

150 g grassfed butter (or coconut oil for the first phase of AIP)

4 TSP maple syrup or your sweetener of choice (please do not use honey for baking as it turns into harmful substance when heated as I was kindly advised by a beekeeper)

3 TSP of raw grassfed whey (I had raw goat whey left over from cheese making which was very handy; you are welcome to use yogurt or sour cream instead)

A handful of raisins

1 tsp ground vanilla bean

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp raw organic coconut vinegar

And lots of LOVE!!!

I like to blend eggs with syrup and whey while butter slowly melts in a water bath, combine together and add the rest of ingredients except for flour, putting soda and raisins last (don’t blend raisins if you want to have real pieces in the cake). Then slowly spoon by spoon put in the flour until you get very light and fluffy but thick at the same time batter. Coconut flour absorbs liquid much better than regular flour and the batter may look to you very different, so don’t get scared.

Transfer the batter to an oiled springform (use butter or coconut oil). And bake for 25-28min in 325F preheated convection oven. Increase to 350F in a traditional oven.

20160326_212325_wm-1Top it with the glaze of your choice (I used coconut butter and maple syrup to make the glaze) or simply spread some coconut flakes over and may be some grind dry fruit for coloring, I used blueberry and strawberry. Enjoy the cake warm or cold!


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