About Me

About Nadia

I have always coveted to understand how our body works; that desire and fascination led me to pursue scientific career and Doctorate degree in Biochemistry. I was lucky to be a part of world renowned laboratories and to perform cutting edge science; I thought I was fulfilling my dream. I was fully immersed in biotechnology field for over decade, yet I always had lingering thoughts and questions on how we can gain and maintain our vitality, and mine in particular. In the last few years my interests have shifted towards the actual human body health away from the health in a Petri dish :). I do appreciate everything science and medical science has achieved, but it is not the only aspect of human health!

On my personal journey to vital life I have learned a lot about natural health and nutrition. I have tried many diets through my life, but now I understand that every one is unique and has to find what works personally for them. But no matter what diet works for your body it has to consist of real food. Currently, my strong belief and a life calling is just as the Hippocrates said “let my food be the medicine and let the medicine be my food”.

What do I do to keep myself healthy?

  • I choose real food. By this I mean farm to table kind of food, grassfed, organic, pastured, and chemical free, from local small sustainable farms (if possible). I like to visit and see how the farm operates before making them my first choice.
  • I practice yoga. My body loves it the most. If I can and weather permits I love SUP, SUP yoga, swim. I also love dancing. Have you tried sacred woman dance?
  • I spend time outdoors. Just roaming the forest with my kid looking at the wild or spending time in my little garden. Fresh air is so detoxifying and being outside really connects us with the nature, grounds from the hectic modern life.
  • I grow spiritually and learn to meditate ( I believe it is a life journey ;)), trying to find peace in any situation, connect with likeminded people, read books or listen to them while driving in the car. I also learn and practice Reiki.
  • Having fun is so important! To me it is spending time with my family and friends, playing, and being out in nature, going out to see classic theater plays and listen to the music.
  • Besides listed above my healers and wonderful teachers are a Homeopath and an Energy Healer.  I also use essential oils in my everyday life and clean my environment as much as I can from chemical exposure.

Empowered Through Choice Founder

Holistic Wellness Coach

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Reiki Practitioner

Weston A Price Foundation Local Chapter Leader

Holistic Moms Network Member

Ph.D in Biochemistry and Master of Science (more on my scientific career here)